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outdoorlife canada 클럽 회원님 및 방문자님들께 2017-05-11

outdoorlife canada 클럽 회원님 및 방문자님들께


yesican입니다 참으로 오랫만에 방문해보니 그동안 함께 활동하였던 회원님들과의 즐겁고 행복했던 시간이 아쉬움과 함께 추억으로 남아 있습니다. 어떤 인연으로 그렇게 함께 즐거웠던 시간을 보낼 수 있었는지 감사하게 생각합니다. 만남과 헤어짐은 정해진 순리이지만 함께 하였던 순간들은 영원히 잊혀지지 않을 것입니다 저를 비롯하여 회원님들이 각자의 바쁜생활로 예전처럼 활동 하지 못하지만 항상 마음속에 소중하게 담겨져 있습니다

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OUTDOOR LIFE CANADA..........카나다에서 여행과 자연활동에 관한 나눔의 장입니다.
가 볼만한 곳, 갔다 온 곳, 새로운 곳 또는 모르는 곳...
어디든지 소개하고 같이 공유하는 여러분들의 공간입니다.
▣ Hiking Trails - Ontario ( 전체 게시글 수: 6 )
스카보로 절벽으로 유명한 David Bluffs Park에서예시칸 2019-05-21
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월요일밤 오후 8시45분경, 스카보로  절벽으로 유명한 David Bluffs Park에서 소방관들은 절벽아래에 갇혀있는 두명을 안전하게 구조...밤10시경에 구조작업완료...이지역은 금지구역으로 벌금이 최고 $5000 이라고,,

Ontario Hiking Trails Web sitesyesican 2006-02-14
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Hike Ontario The Grand Valley Trails Association
Bruce Trail - Bruce peninsulayesican 2006-02-10
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Bruce Trail
Wiarton - Tobermory

부르스 트레일은 지도에서 초록색으로 표시되어 있다
Colpoy's Lookout - Bruce Cave - Wiarton Spirit Rock Conservation Area - Cape Croker - Hope Bay - Barrow's BAy - Lion's Head - White Bluff - Smokey Head - Dyer's Bay - Bruce Peninsula National Park - Tobermory까지 트레일이 이어진다

.A little History.
The Bruce Peninsula is a place of incredible beauty, from the 200 ft cliffs facing Georgian Bay, to the peaceful lazy beaches that caress the coast of Lake Huron. It is here that the Niagara Escarpment starts it's 700km jaunt from Tobermory to Queenston - down on the the Niagara River.
Millions of years ago during the Silurian Period, the bedrock of the escarpment was formed. Through the following ages, ancient oceans eroded away the softer bases of shale, then huge glaciers carved their way through the escarpment leaving massive boulders, gravel and sand..creating a very unique preserved under the United Nations as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

There are 2 National Parks 8 Ontario Parks and 4 Federation of Ontario Naturalists Parks located in the bruce Peninsula.
Nature is all around you in the Bruce Peninsula! Visit the links below to discover your destinations in the bruce Peninsula.

National Parks
The Bruce Peninsula National Park, and The Fathom Five National Marine Park are 2 of 38 National parks in Canada.

Bruce Peninsula National Park is situated on the northern tip of the Bruce Peninsula, between Georgian Bay and Lake Huron. The Beautiful park, with a size of 155 square kilometers at the tip of the Niagara Escarpment, consists out of limestone cliffs, caves and underground streams, and ancient forests with some of the oldest trees in Canada.

Fathom Five National Marine Park is situated just off Tobermory, at the northern tip of the Bruce Peninsula, . The park has a size of 112 square kilometers and is the oldest national marine parks in Canada.
There are 20 islands in the park, where rare ferns and orchids can be found, as well as some of the oldest forests in eastern Canada. There are 22 historic shipwrecks protected in the area, which makes it a world famous scuba-diving site.

Provincial Parks

Black Creek
This tract of shoreland along Lake Huron, part of which is dominated by a beaver swamp, has a good beach for swimming.

Ira Lake
The features preserved in this small tract of land, clearly demonstrate the progression of natural succession from the open shallow waters of Ira Lake to deciduous forest.

Johnston Harbour
The area has an extensive jack pine forest that shelters deer in the winter.

Little Cove
One of many protected areas along the Bruce Peninsula, Little Cove is distinguished by an exceptionally rugged Lake Huron shoreline.

Cabot Head
Situated near the top of the Bruce Peninsula, Cabot Head is a geologically significant area, featuring many interesting landforms.

Smoky Head White Bluff
The rugged shoreline rises some 50 metres above the crashing waves, exposing various gradations of the Silurian-age dolomite, roughly 400 to 425 million years old.

Lion's Head
This area of the Niagara Escarpment is well-known for its rock formation that from a distance resembles the profile of a lion.

Hope Bay Forest
Found on the Niagara Escarpment, this nature reserve contains outcroppings of exposed bedrock that are 500 million to 435 million years old, making it of keen interest to geologists.

Federation of Ontario Naturalists
Nature Reserve
Baptist Harbour Nature Reserve
Baptist Harbour Nature Reserve, acquired by the Federation in 2000, is an important ecological area on the Bruce Peninsula. Located on the shores of Lake Huron, this nature reserve is 6.5 hectares (16 acres) in size and boasts stunning and diverse scenery - from an open jack pine forest to globally significant limestone barrens (alvars).

Lyal Island Nature Reserve
Imagine your favourite sections of the upper Bruce Peninsula without any roads or buildings and you will have a good picture of Lyal Island. The island, the Federation's second largest nature reserve, covers 305-hectares and is located roughly 2 km off the west shore of the Bruce Peninsula at Stokes Bay.

Bruce Alvar Nature Reserve
You will discover one of nature's most spectacular rock gardens at the Bruce Alvar Nature Reserve.

Petrel Point Nature Reserve
"A garden of wildflowers" - this turn of phrase recurs again and again in descriptions of Petrel Point. The wonderful sprinklings of pink, mauve, red, blue and yellow that fill the fen through the seasons can only inspire a passion for nature.

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Bruce Trail Clubsyesican 2005-01-17
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Bruce Trails Trail description: 800-km (500-mile) hiking trail follows the Niagara Escarpment from Niagara to the tip of the Bruce Peninsula. There are also about 300 km of additional side trails and several major trails such as the Ganaraska linked to the Bruce. The main trail is marked with white blazes and the side trails are marked in blue. The Bruce Trail was opened in 1967 and is Canada's original long-distance hiking trail. There are nine chapters of the Bruce Trail Association, each responsible for maintaining a section of the trail (see Ontario Clubs for links): Peninsula Bruce Trail Club - Tobermory to Wiarton Sydenham BTC - Wiarton to Blantyre (125 km) Beaver Valley BTC - Blantyre to Craigleith (80 km) Blue Mountains BTC - Craigleith to Lavender Dufferin Hi-Lands BTC - Lavender to Mono Centre (51 km) Caledon BTC - Mono Centre to Cheltenham (84 km) Toronto BTC - Cheltenham to Kelso (50 km) Iroquoia BTC - Kelso to Grimsby (125 km) Niagara BTC - Grimsby to Niagara Access fee: Membership or donations are welcome Nearest town: Tobermory, Wiarton, Owen Sound, Craigleith, Orangeville, Hamilton, Queenston Trail map: Maps, guidebooks and a CDROM are available from the Bruce Trail Association (check their website for latest changes). Web site: Bruce Trail Association Points of interest: Bruce Peninsula, Niagara Escapement (declared a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve in 1990), Devil뭩 Pulpit near Caledon, Mono Cliffs Provincial Park, several conservation areas, wineries near Niagara Other activities: Backcountry skiing, snowshoeing Lodging: Several towns along the trail offer B&Bs Camping: Available at campsites along the trail Weather forecast: Owen Sound | Orangeville | Hamilton Tourism info: Bruce County Tourism Grey County Tourism | Headwaters Country Tourism (Caledon, Erin, Orangeville and Dufferin County) | Tourism Niagara Getting to the trail: Bus service is available to several towns along the trail. Bruce Trail Clubs Nine Bruce Trail Clubs support the Bruce Trail Association. Each Club manages a section of the Trail. All Club activities are overseen by volunteers – Trail maintenance, stewardship, public education, hiking programs, landowner relations are a few of the important tasks managed by Club volunteers. To learn more about the nine Bruce Trail Clubs please visit their websites: * Niagara Bruce Trail Club Queenston to Grimsby * Iroquoia Bruce Trail Club Grimsby to Kelso * Toronto Bruce Trail Club Kelso to Cheltenham * Caledon Hills Bruce Trail Club Cheltenham to Mono Centre * Dufferin Hi-Land Bruce Trail Club Mono Centre to Lavender * Blue Mountains Bruce Trail Club Lavender to Craigleith * Beaver Valley Bruce Trail Club Craigleith to Blantyre * Sydenham Bruce Trail Club Blantyre to Wiarton * Peninsula Bruce Trail Club Wiarton to Tobermory Access points for the Bruce Listed South to North Queenston Heights Woodend Conservation Area Wellend Canal Short Hills Provincial Park Rockway Conservation Area Louth Conservation Area Ball's Falls Conservation Area Cave Springs Mountainview Conservation Area Beamer Memorial Conservation Area Winona Conservation Area Vinemount Conservation Area Devil's Punch Bowl Conservation Area Stoney Creek Battlefield Felker's Falls Conservation Area King's Forest Park Mount Albion Conservation Area Iroquoia Heights Conservation Area Dundas Valley Conservation Area Crook's Hollow Spencer Gorge Wilderness Area Royal Botanical Gardens Mount Nemo Conservation Area Yaremko Ridley Park Crawford Forestry Tract Crawford Lake Conservation Area Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area Kelso Conservation Area Hilton Falls Conservation Area LimestoneHouse Conservation Area Silver Creek Conservation Area Terra Cotta Conservation Area Forks of the Credit Provincial Park Ken Whillans Resource Management Area Albion Hills Conservation Area Palgrave Conservation Area Glen Haffy Conservation Area Hockley Valley Provincial Park Mono Cliffs Provincial Park Boyne Valley Provincial Park Pine River Provincial Fishing Area Noisy River Provincial Park Nottawasaga Bluffs Conservation Area Devil's Glen Provincial Park Nottawasag Lookout Pretty River Provincial Park Petun Conservation Area Loree Conservation Area Kolapure Uplands Duncan Escarpment Provincial Nature Reserve Old Baldy Conservation Area Eugenia Falls Conservation Area Wodehouse Karst Herman McConnell Memorial Forest Beaverdale Forest Area Epping Lookout Walters Falls Conservation Area Spey River Forest Area Inglis Falls Conservation Area Harrison Park West Rocks East Rocks Syndenham Forest Pottawatomi Conservation Area Brookholm Keppel Forest Indian Falls Conservation Area Glen Management Area Indian Creek Management Area Lindenwood Gowen Lake Kemble Mount Management Area Slough of Despond Skinner's Bluff Conservation Area Colpoy Lookout Bruce Caves Conservation Area Spirit Rock Conservation Area Colpoy's Bluff Hope Bay Forest Provincial Nature Reserve Lion's Head Provincial Nature Reserve Smokey Head White Bluffs Provincial Nature Reserve Cape Chin Bruce Peninsula National Park
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*Accommodation Assoc. of Ontario Farm and Country Accommodations - Federation of Ontario Bed and Breakfast Accommodation - Niagara Bed & Breakfast Ontario Accommodation Association - Ontario Bed and Breakfast - Resorts Ontario - *Attractions, Parks & Events Attractions Ontario - Bruce Peninsula Bird Observatory - Bruce Trail Association - Conservation Halton - Hamilton Region Conservation Authority - Heritage Cruise Lines - Niagara Peninsula Hawkwatch - Niagara Nature Tours - Niagara Parks - Ontario Parks - Ontario Rural Routes - Parks Canada - Reberry Lake Biosphere - Wiarton Willie - Wine Route (Ontario Wine Country) - *Tourism Associations Bruce Peninsula Tourism - Canada Tourism Commission - Georgian Triangle Tourist Association - Headwaters Country Tourism Assocation - Info Niagara - Niagara Economic & Tourism Corp. - Niagara Nature Tours - Niagara Peninsula - Ontario Ministry of Tourism - Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership - Ontario Tourism Network - Ontario Travel Information Service - Sauble Beach Chamber of Commerce - South Bruce Peninsula Chamber of Commerce - Southern Ontario Tourism Organization - Tourism Niagara - Travelinx - Whats On Ontario - Headwaters Region - Twenty Valley Tourism Association - *Travel Information Currency Converter - Directions Online - MapQuest - Maps of Ontario - Ontario Explorer -
Niagara Escarpment Mapyesican 2005-01-17
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