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The Princess And The Matchmaker 




Cineplex Empress Walk

5095 Yonge St. (Empress Ave.), North York   M2N 6Z4

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A royal search for the best marital harmony that will determine

the fate of a dynasty In the wake of prolonged famine,

the palace arranges Princess Songhwa’s marriage in an attempt

to correct the cosmic misfortune. A renowned diviner, Do-yoon,

is brough in to find the perfect husband who will have the best

marital harmony with the princess. From candidates all over the

country, four prospective husands with different astrological

signs are shortlisted. However, the princess refuses to accept

that her life partner will be chosen solely based on fortune

reading and decides to check out the candidates herself before

the final decision. As she sneaks out of the palace, Do-yoon finds

out about this and follows after her.


추천업소 선택:
추천업소 그룹 리스트
  • 식품ㆍ음식점ㆍ쇼핑1
  • 부동산ㆍ건축ㆍ생활2
  • 미용ㆍ건강ㆍ의료3
  • 자동차ㆍ수리ㆍ운송4
  • 관광ㆍ하숙ㆍ스포츠5
  • 이민ㆍ유학ㆍ학교6
  • 금융ㆍ보험ㆍ모기지7
  • 컴퓨터ㆍ인터넷ㆍ전화8
  • 오락ㆍ유흥ㆍPC방9
  • 법률ㆍ회계ㆍ번역10
  • 꽃ㆍ결혼ㆍ사진11
  • 예술ㆍ광고ㆍ인쇄12
  • 도매ㆍ무역ㆍ장비13
  • 종교ㆍ언론ㆍ단체14
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